29 Sep
Our new community garden project is here!

Our new community garden project is here!

In the Community Programs Blog we’re delighted to announce the start of our latest project: a lovely community garden! This will provide community members the opportunity to learn about gardening and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Steve our Manager Community Engagement chats about the construction progress at the Whittome Community Centre and Gardens in Middle Swan, and what the garden will mean to the community members.

The plot is in the early construction stages, but will feature a number of different sections for a wide range of vegetation. The garden will have four raised beds accessible for those with an ambulant disability. We’re using the Australian water-efficient wicking system and we’ll teach the community members how to make and maintain their own.

Each bed is divided into a total of 10 plots, and one bed will be used for demonstrations. This bed has been seeded with a variety of vegetables. These plants are already starting to emerge, just in time for Spring!

A large communal garden area is set up to be shared and cared for by the community members. Visitors will be invited into the garden to admire the flora and take snippets of what they need from the herb beds.

The garden is a place for sharing, growing, healing, and learning. We’ve planned some fun classes on managing your own small veggie patch and rarer vegetation. Participants can learn about gardening in a conservative space, grow their own produce, and make delicious food in our cooking classes!

Make sure you keep up-to-date with upcoming community garden updates as we charge into Spring!

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