26 Dec
2018 Web development trends to know about

2018 Web development trends to know about

It’s important to know what’s in store for us as we look into the year ahead. With the nature of web development, it can be difficult to navigate between hundreds of new applications, updates, and versions on offer. Developers and designers need to carefully invest their resources in skills and languages that will stand the test of time.

We’ve put together a list of the most important systems, codes, applications, and trends to get you into the next year.

JavaScript is king

Don’t be fooled by the age of this tool. JavaScript remains versatile and reliable, and will save time with function and prototype programming. Their libraries and frameworks are very useful for developers of all stages, especially for full-stack functionality.

Say goodbye to Flash

Adobe announced that they would phase out Flash mid this year, and stop distribution and updates as of 2020. Flash was widely used for interactive and animation content on web, but as other standards developed it became irrelevant.

Consider swapping over to HTML5 – now considered the universal web content format for all types.

Back to our static roots

At the start of the Internet era, all websites were static with limited options. As technology evolved, our websites got more exciting – but also more complicated and costly. We’ve made a full loop, and now static websites are the cheaper, faster, and simpler option. With improved technology, these websites can now satisfy many business requirements.

AIs do the grunt work

Already used by Google and Wikipedia, we use artificial intelligence to automate background processes. For web development, it means joining an AI with existing technology, and has great implications for giving better customer service and customising the user experience.

The push for more

Mobile use is growing and growing each year. And with it grows push notifications: the user is asked whether they’d like updates, stats, or info about the latest deals, direct to their screen. It’s a cost-effective way to keep people engaged with less effort.

These notifications can also be used without mobiles, which may replace mobile apps in the future.

Technology will always change. And while we may never get on top of it, we can keep up with trends and keep an eye on the future.

With that in mind, expect a lot more exciting things in 2018! 

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