10 Jan
2019: a monumental year

2019: a monumental year

In the last 12 months we’ve seen huge changes to the NDIS that has left a significant impact on the disability community. Now over 8,000 Western Australians are accessing supports for the first time, and the Royal Commission in underway with final results expected in 2022. 

But regardless of what changes come, the needs and wishes of the people with disability we support remains the heart of our organisation. 

With your feedback and support we continued to adapt ourselves in order to provide more opportunities for our people through 2019. Today we take a quick look at some highlights as we charge full-steam ahead into an exciting new year! 

Expanding our supports 

One of our highlights last year was building on our partnership with West Coast ESC with an introductory Music Rocks workshop. This is an abridged version of our ongoing program and allowed students the opportunity to try a range of instruments and perform pop hits.  

They rocked out alongside our Workpower band at a terrific end-of-term performance at the Rosemount. Friends and family were thrilled to see them so engaged and  on stage! 

And in June we introduced our first art therapy workshop Expressions. Each session explored different mediums and techniques and helped attendees express themselves through art. It was a truly enriching experience for everyone involved.  

Experimenting with clay and painting during an Expressions art class.

Discovering new ways to work 

Last year we refocused on employment and supported our job seekers to find work that suits their needs and goals. Along with increasing the number of employment positions in our social enterprises, we also: 

  • Supported three business entrepreneurs to set up and expand their own micro-business enterprise, like Kat 
  • Expanded work experience placements in our growing School Holiday Employment Program 
  • Partnered with Optus Stadium to deliver a number of exciting hospitality roles in open employment 
Julien in his new administration role at St John of God Health Care.

Major contracts create opportunities 

And we had a huge win for our social enterprises with a score of new contracts. Each of these creates opportunities for our employees to expand their skillset, broaden their networks, and build their independence. 

This includes: 

Full steam ahead with planting on site for Northlink Stage 3.

With such a momentous year behind us we’re now set to reach new heights in 2020.

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