24 Aug
25 years of patience and positive reinforcement at Packaging and Warehousing

25 years of patience and positive reinforcement at Packaging and Warehousing

Donna Eccles has been working at Workpower for 25 years and her enthusiasm for the job is still as high as when she first started. 

“I’ve been at the company for a very long time… I actually came to Workpower for one of my TAFE placements and then gained employment from that. So, I’ve actually been at the company for over 20 years,” said Donna. 

“I still love what I do, I get a lot out of it. I love coming to work, I love interacting with the guys. Seeing them grow, seeing them achieve, just helping them to achieve their goals and their dreams,” added Donna. 

Donna is our Supervisor at Belmont Packaging and Warehousing. She balances her time between supervising the team and tracking their progress against their individual NDIS plans.  

The secret to her success is to take small steps, be patient, and use lots of positive reinforcement. 

“There’s one gentleman when I started here, very sociable young gentleman. Love him to bits, one of my favourites but unfortunately, he was a little bit too sociable… 

“So, seeing the growth with him, still be able to be a very sociable person but to be able to focus on his work so he’s not disrupting the workshop. 

“And now we’ve got him to a role where he is a production assistant, where he can go and help out people,” said Donna. 

Highlights from a supportive career 

When asking someone in the disability services industry what the highlight of their role is – the development of the people you’re helping is generally the top answer. 

But in Donna’s case it’s not just that supported employees master their tasks. Their confidence and interpersonal skills also significantly improve through work. In some instances they become mentors in their own right, assisting newer employees in the workplace. 

“It does wonders for their confidence and their self-worth. We do that quite a bit with the guys here, get them to buddy up and help others,” explained Donna. 

Donna’s role makes sure she caters to both the commercial success of the business while still providing top notch care and positive reinforcement to our employees. 

“We want it to be a warm welcoming place, and the guys know that it’s a fun place to be, but they’ve got that work fun balance,” said Donna. 

With a support team of people like Donna, who go the extra mile, Workpower offers many opportunities for people with disability to build a career for themselves. 

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