25 Jan
4 simple steps to Supported Employment

4 simple steps to Supported Employment

In a supported work environment, you will receive support and assistance to succeed at your job. It’s a good way to develop new skills, earn money, build relationships, and do meaningful work.

If you choose this option, we go through the following steps to get you started.

This makes sure we find the right match for your interests, needs, and goals. We adapt this process as you continue to change and grow with us.

1. Develop your own action plan

We believe it’s important that everyone finds a job they love.

That’s why we have a dedicated My Plan process. It’s a holistic approach to define your strengths, talents, and dreams and how we can help you develop them further.

We build on your existing NDIS Plan and help you create an action plan towards your goals. Some of these actions may include a mixture of  employment and supports.

2. Get a feel for the workplace

To get started, you will visit some of our social enterprises. You can choose from one of our six different businesses.

There you’ll meet the dedicated support team at each site and explore the area. You can also ask questions about what it’s like to work there and what’s involved.

We’ll be releasing a Social Enterprise Snapshot series each week which highlights what happens at each of our businesses. Keep an eye out for the updates!

3. Help you develop yourself

From your first day, your site supervisor will work closely with you to provide all the support you need to excel.

They will guide you through your tasks and any training you need to complete them.

For example, our Packaging & Warehousing sites employees do a range of tasks: from counting and labeling, to using heat sealers and jigs.

4. Assist you to achieve your goals and explore options

We continue to check in with you to see if you’re enjoying your work. We want to make sure you keep working towards your goals and can make adjustments when things change.

If supported employment isn’t your style, there’s plenty of other options available. You may want to try Customised Employment or other employment supports.

Whatever your goals are, we’re with you all the way. Talk to us today to see if supported employment is the right fit for you. Call us at 1800 610 665 or email us here.

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