11 Feb
A great start to the year for SHP

A great start to the year for SHP

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through February? It feels like only yesterday when our School Holiday Program group came together for some fun times! For two weeks our Perth and South West programs kept the children busy with lots of outdoor action, games, and arts and crafts.

Our Perth group certainly made the most out of every day – here’s what they got up to!

Activities for everyone

This year’s program featured a diverse mix of indoor and outdoor activities that brought the children closer together than ever before. We prepared a jam-packed schedule that gave them something different to try each day.

Our activities pushed the children to challenge themselves, try new experiences, be creative, and get active. Each one had the freedom to enjoy themselves in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.

Here are just some of the great things we got up to:

Highlights from an amazing program

Out of the many amazing things we did over the weeks, two activities stood out above the rest. Firstly, one of our favourite outings is to the Simulation Centre, where we got to play many different games and experience virtual reality. We even rode a virtual rollercoaster!

Secondly, the children loved our Performing Arts workshop held by our talented Facilitator Sonni! Everyone joined in on the team-building games, dancing, and bucket drumming excitement. And even those who didn’t like performing had a go and enjoyed it.

Our participants always return from the program refreshed, excited, and with plenty of great experiences under their belt. The program is designed specifically to provide them with opportunities to grow their independence, build their social skills, and develop their interests.

While every School Holiday Program is unique, our dedication to creating an engaging, educational space for the children never changes. Find out what artistic masterpieces our South West crew created, and stay tuned for more great stories and feedback.

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