16 Aug
A new career leads to a new lease of life for Aj

A new career leads to a new lease of life for Aj

In this week’s Employment Services blog, Employment Consultant Callum tells us about how he supported Aj to take a risk and start the journey to a dream career…

Aj has been with Workpower for over a year now. When he joined, his main focus on achieving a job, however, he wanted to get his life back on track as well. Aj set goals of improving his mental health, moving out of his current living situation into a home of his own and maintaining a good and healthy relationship with his family.

When he registered with Workpower, Aj told us that it was his passion to work with people within the community who have had it tough just like he has. His dream job was to be a counsellor or youth worker: working with them, and providing them with a positive message and outlook on life despite the issues that they may be dealing with.

However, he had been working in the horticulture industry for over 15 years, and felt that it would be too difficult to change careers. Aj made the decision to stick to what he knew and look for another position in the horticulture industry, even through that wasn’t his true passion.

After working with 2 different companies over 4 months doing hard physical labour, Aj decided he needed a break from work to sort out his mental health.

After a few weeks, we arranged to meet with Aj at his home to see how he was going. When we arrived we sat down and spoke with Aj and he had said he hadn’t left his home in 2 weeks due to his mental health issues. We then spoke with Aj about what we can do to help him get him out of the stressful environment that he was stuck in, and to get his life back on track.

Aj said that he now felt ready to make a change, and had been looking online every day for Community Services courses and Counselling courses in an attempt to achieve his dream job. The following week, we received a call from Aj stating that he has enrolled at TAFE to complete a Double Diploma in Counselling and Community Services.

Fast forward 6 months, and Aj has completed over half his course requirements. He has done 180 hours’ worth of work experience with the Lorikeet Centre, completed his first aid course, and has just recently secured a position with Workpower’s Community programs working as a 1 on 1 supervisor at our Malaga site. Aj also has plans to move into his own home in the coming weeks, as he hopes to secure permanent shifts with Community Programs whilst completing the last 5 months of his Double Diploma.

Massive congratulations to Aj for getting himself back on track and putting in the hard work to achieve his long term goal!

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