22 Jul
A school holiday full of personalised fun!

A school holiday full of personalised fun!

The July school holidays are officially over and we are excited to share that our new style program which supported 27 children with disabilities was a hit!

The new format saw the program run for the entire duration of the two-week holidays with a one-on-one focus, whilst also having the option to socialise with friends and other customers for small group activities.

There was fun had all-round with cricket sessions, circus trips and bowling.

Others chose to use their school holidays to upskill independence with transport training.

Tick of approval for school holidays

Our customers aged seven to 17 and their parents had glowing reviews about the new style.

Regular school holiday program goer, Jason Lee, gave us a double thumbs up, as well as his mother Chern.

“Jason really liked the extra attention he got with the one-on-one supports,” Chern said.

“Having the same person all day focused more on what Jason enjoys doing and choosing himself where he went and what he wanted to do was great.”

The individual focused programs were also used to learn new skills and tick of goals of our customers.

For Savannah Tomasso, her mother Lina was pleased with the new format, with special mention to the goal focused approach.

“Savannah had a great time over the two weeks, and we feel the one-on-one support suited her great,” Lina said.

“It was more personalised and focused, with Savannah taking part in activities like transport training. We’re looking forward to the next round of School Holiday programs.”

Isla Coleman having a great time
Bianca Kemps getting creative
Jason Lee having fun at Bounce
Jaxon Clark flexing his muscles

One-on-one with the customers

One of the most common pieces of feedback we had was that the new  one-on-one format was a great element, giving them individuals more attention and focus during their supports.

Bianca Kemps, who has attended the School Holiday program regularly, loves the change and options of the supports.

“I like the new structure, I think it’s cooler,” Bianca said.

“If I want to be on my own and do my own activities I could or if I want to be in a group I could also do that.”

This sentiment was echoed by Samuel Ellem, who also likes the choices that were available to him, instead of the group-only support that was previously provided.

“I could spend the whole day with just my support coach, or I could hang out with others,” Samuel explained.

“The good part is I can go wherever I want, just me and my support coach if I want, but I really like the group activities too.”

Our support coaches and managers were great in creating fun and exciting activities for the customers, meaning the first program of the new structure was a great success.

More time for activities

The new style program has been designed to ensure our customers get the most from their supports, whilst also giving their parents and guardians the comfort of knowing they are in great hands.

Workpower’s General Manager Employment Supports, Nat Katsaros, , is excited about the opportunities the new format offers.

“We love our school holiday program and seeing the children develop and grow throughout the year. Many of our families have been participating for years and we often fill our vacancies months in advance,” Nat said.

“We are now able to offer the program through the whole two weeks of holidays, with more of a goal-focused approach and through the entirety of January so we are very excited to see how the program continues to expand.”

It’s an exciting time to be part of our school holiday program and we’re excited to see what our customers get up to on their next round of school holidays.

If you’re interested in signing up for the next school holidays or continuing these fun supports after school, contact our General Manager Employment Supports today on 0438 995 516 or info@workpower.asn.au