17 Apr
A smashing finale for Music Rocks program

A smashing finale for Music Rocks program

What a way to finish a fantastic six week Music Rocks program – West Coast ESC students aced their weekend concert and took home some great memories! Here are the full details.

A stand-out show

Our performers lit up the stage for Music Rocks the Rosemount on the Sunday 7th April. Both Workpower and West Coast ESC bands were in the spotlight and entertained the crowd with popular songs and classic hits.

Many of the students had never performed on stage in front of a crowd before, but that didn’t stop them. Soon enough they embraced the rhythm of the music and hit each cue. The show was a big hit!

The following week West Coast ESC students and staff came together for one last session. They jammed to some hits before each of them took home a certificate, progress report, and wonderful memories.

Incredible growth

This Music Rocks program is the perfect introduction to the world of music. It’s specifically designed to provide students a platform to develop skills towards a real live music performance on stage.

Compared to our regular program, this workshop lasts only six weeks. But in that short period alone the students showed significant growth.

They learned to:

  • Understand rhythm, tempo, and timing
  • Start playing at the right cues
  • Project their voice and control volume
  • Harmonise with others

It’s clear to see how much they loved it, as each student showed huge enthusiasm to practice their parts and play whole songs. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of Noah’s face as he performed his drum solo! With every week they grew in confidence, creativity, and expression. What a fantastic outcome!

We also received great feedback from West Coast ESC staff, who noticed a big change in the students. Thank you to them and Music Rocks Australia for the ongoing support.

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