28 Apr
A terrific start to online supports

A terrific start to online supports

What a week it’s been! Since Tuesday our latest Online Community Supports have had us jumping up and down, singing, juggling, and so much more! Here are just some of the highlights we’ve had so far. 

Good times online 

After the success of our Big Morning Tea, we were delighted to launch a new series of support sessions for people with disability staying at home. Designed to help us connect no matter where we are, you only need a working device to join in on all the fun activities. 

There’s plenty to choose from, from invigorating workout sessions, to relaxing art and dance classes. Within our first few sessions we’ve been able to catch up with old friends and everyone is chatting away. 

Here are just some of the highlights from week 1: 

Boxing with Yash 

We worked up a real sweat when we joined Yash in a series of boxing routines and exercises on Tuesday afternoon. Participants, family members, carers, and even staff all joined in on the fun as we learned to squat, jab, and swing!  

Art sketches and cartoon-drawing 

Starting the day off with Stephen’s morning sketching class, we used a simple paper, pencil, and tissue to create a sweeping mountain landscape. The class practiced using soft and hard strokes and smudging techniques for different effects. 

The next day we learned a new set of skills in cartoon-drawing with John. It was fascinating to see how the same materials used in a different way could result in something completely new! 

John shows us how to draw some colourful and unique characters.

Performing arts returns 

Sonni and our theatre crew reunited online in our virtual Performing arts class on Tuesday. Group members greeted each other with excitement and were thrilled to dance, sing, and act together once more. This week they’re going to create some musical instruments so they can keep practicing in-between workshops! 

Cooking class with Leanne 

Dale and Chloe baked some delicious savoury breakfast muffins with Leanne on Friday. With the assistance of their kitchen helpers, they learned handy techniques to crack and beat eggs, added in their favourite toppings, and watched their creations bubble and grow in the oven.  

Everyone’s muffins looked delicious; we only wish we could enjoy that delicious aroma through the video screen! 

Karaoke fun 

A group of 10 joined us for an epic karaoke session on Friday afternoon – the perfect way to finish off an exciting week of supports! We grooved along to our favourite tunes and took turns to sing solos for songs like ‘What About Me’ and ‘Uptown Funk’. 

While still in our early days, these virtual sessions have provided great opportunities for people with disability to re-engage in activities, learn skills, and interact with friends. Can’t wait to see how this week goes! 

To book an online support, go here.

For further information about what’s on offer, contact Nat Katsaros on email or on 0438 995 516.