05 Mar
Aaron’s gardening expertise blooms

Aaron’s gardening expertise blooms

With an interest in working in horticulture, Aaron joined our Nursery team in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. We chat with him about what he enjoys most about working here and how his role has grown. 

A green thumb 

Aaron heard about an opportunity at our Wholesale Nursery which suited his passions, skills, and experience. Equipped with a Certificate I and II in Horticulture, he’s always enjoyed working outdoors and amongst nature.  

As a part of our potting team, Aaron helps weed and repot plants for delivery. While he does this he also checks each plant for pests and monitors quality control. Like the others, his favourite task is working in small potting teams where he gets to spend time with his friends.  

“Every day is different,” says Aaron. 

“Work brings fun challenges and new goals for the team to work towards.” 

Setting goals for growth 

Last year, Aaron decided to further his role by taking on the team leader position. This involves leading a smaller potting team to prepare plants under guidance from the support and management team. With his experience, Aaron helps the others out when they’re stuck on what to do next and keeps them on task.  

He puts his knowledge of native plants to good use everyday, and can correctly identify, grow, and treat over 200 different species! Not to mention many of these varieties look almost the same as the next. 

There’s no doubt that Aaron is a keen observer and learns quickly. His next goal will be to operate the hedge trimmer and other more technical equipment at the Nursery.  

Best of luck Aaron; with your determination we’re sure you’ll succeed! 

Working at the Wholesale Nursery creates opportunities to build experience, new skills, and a career in the horticulture industry. If you’d like to see where working with us could take you, then contact us today at 1800 610 665 or on email.