Values Awards

Each year, Workpower’s Values Awards are presented to staff who are driven by our purpose – creating opportunities for people with disability – and in doing so, guided by our values. Values Award winners demonstrate excellence in service delivery, a commitment to safety, collaboration and the highest integrity – in short, they are examples of the Workpower way.

Below are our winners for 2019-20.


Positive outcomes for people with disability

2019-20 winner for Outcomes – Community: 

Felicia Mitchell

For showcasing her terrific can-do attitude, dedication, and passion to her work supporting others.


Positive outcomes for people with disability

2019-20 winner for Outcomes – Employment: 

Jan Cartmell

For her exceptional motivation and commitment to supporting others, and her ability to see the potential in every person she meets.

Business Success

Commitment to business success

2019-20 winner:

Balcatta Recycling Shop

For their achievement of outstanding business outcomes and involvement across Workpower and in the community.


Collaborative working relationships

2019-20 winner:

Andy Shaw

For his ability to connect, encourage, and guide others to work collaboratively towards better outcomes.


Quality work performance

2019-20 winner:

Kevin O’Leary

For his exceptional commitment to maintaining high standards of workmanship and customer service.


Professional conduct and integrity

2019-20 winner:

Marika Andreou

For acting as a strong role model by offering support, leadership, and guidance to others around her.


Leadership at all levels

Values Award 2019-20 winners:

Fiona Abrahams, Carolyn Woodmansey, Marika Andreou

For their exceptional courage, resilience, and leadership in the face of significant change.

Safety & Wellbeing

A safe and healthy workplace

Values Award 2019-20 winners:

Melanie Cartmell

For her commitment to safety and using her initiative and caring nature to implement a range of improvements.


Environmental sustainability

2019-20 winner:

Environmental Services

For implementing sustainable practices that set a leading example for Workpower and the wider industry.

Heart & Soul

2019-20 winner:

Eoin McConnon

For his enduring commitment, dedication, and passion for Workpower and the work we do.