31 Jul
Achieving your goals with us

Achieving your goals with us

When we support a person with disability we tailor our services to fit their interests, needs, and goals. Through this approach we offer a huge range of options for activities. 

If you’ve never received disability supports before you may ask: what that actually looks like? So here are just three ways we can help you achieve your goals in the community and in the workplace. 

Finding employment 

Andre has been working at one of our social enterprises, Packaging & Warehousing Belmont, since 2004. Having developed his work skills he decided to  take it to the next level by moving into a Production Assistant role.  

Andre had full support from the packaging team. Over 12 months they trained him on his new tasks and responsibilities and checked in regularly with his progress. Now he’s confident in his work and aims to complete his role without support over the next few years. 

Moving out 

As a friendly, outgoing person Courtney wanted to one day move out from her parents’ home into a place of her own. Her support team at Bibra Lake were more than happy to help her achieve this important milestone.  

They started by assigning extra cleaning and cooking duties at work, which helped her become responsible. In addition they helped her plan out the things she would need to move out and how to take care of her home.  

With support from us and her family, Courtney found a suitable apartment and moved out within six months. Now she lives independently, takes care of her home, and travels to and from work by herself. 

Pursuing skills in the community 

We’ve been supporting Coralee for over a year as she worked towards her goal of developing her art skills in the community. With her support worker she attended a workshop at a local centre where she practiced her painting skills and engaged with others in the class. 

Unfortunately the centre was closed for several months in response to the COVID-19 situation. However, they were able to continue developing her skills with private messy art sessions held at the park. Coralee has since painted many beautiful paintings which she gifts to family and friends. 

Whether it’s starting a new sport, finding a job, or building friendships, we’re here to support you towards your goals. Talk to one of our team members today and see how you can get started. Call 1800 610 665 or email us.