06 Nov
AGM 2018: Looking back on a year of Workpower

AGM 2018: Looking back on a year of Workpower

Our Annual General Meeting is always a special event, and this year’s was no exception. It is always a great occasion to reflect on the year we’ve had as an organisation, as well as to recognise our people and the vision that drives the work we do.

Celebrating our achievements

Workpower’s board members, executive, staff, members, and stakeholders gathered on the 30th October at the Ambrose Estate at Wembley Golf Club for the meeting.

For many, it was a good opportunity to come together and spend time with others who contribute to our great organisation, each in their own way. With multiple sites across the Perth and Mandurah region and a full suite of services and supports, it’s also a valuable chance to connect and share experiences.

Our CEO Lee Broomhall opened the AGM with a warm welcome, followed by a report from Workpower’s Chairperson, Sue Slavin. Sue has been a valued member of our Board since 2006 and our Chairperson for two years.

Lee continued with the CEO’s Report, which echoed the positive notes of Sue’s speech and included many achievements from across Workpower. She discussed that despite a number of changes in the disability sector, our organisation has successfully achieved a strong financial result and seen improvements in our efficiency, quality, and productivity. We responded proactively and are in a good position to expand into the emerging NDIS market.

The address also included the positive results from our Annual Audited Financial Statements for the 2017/18 year.

Together, we gave support to over 1,700 individuals and families, and welcomed 405 new people to our services and supports. We continue to strive towards our vision of creating a world of opportunity for people with disability, their families, and carers.

A big congratulations to our team for making such an incredible outcome possible!

Farewells and welcomes

This year’s AGM was a special occasion, as we welcomed a number of changes to our Board. We bid farewell to one of our valued board members, Marie Mills, who has been on the Board for the past 15 years. We then welcomed two new and highly experienced members, Leanne Karamfiles as our Finance Director, and Mark Fitzpatrick. Sue also called for members to pass a special resolution to alter our Constitution, which was unanimously passed.

You can download our Annual Report 2018 (DOWNLOAD HERE).

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