18 Jan
Aidan is taking massive steps in customised employment – literally!

Aidan is taking massive steps in customised employment – literally!

Through Workpower’s customised employment, Aidan Sherratt has found the perfect job promoting local business Kiss My Grass by delivering magnets.

Aidan’s Employment Journey

Aidan Sherratt is taking massive strides in his new job with a local gardening company – both figuratively and literally. 

Aidan has been with Workpower for more than three years and together we have found the perfect role at a local lawn mowing and gardening services company, Kiss My Grass.

Delivering promotional materials for the small business twice a week, Aidan finds himself walking more than 10km per day, something he loves to do, and in turn finding a new confidence in himself and in his emotional regulation.

Delivering around 50-70 promotional magnets per shift, Aidan works alongside his support worker Yash Pahladi who has seen Aidan grow throughout his employment journey.

“Aidan never used to like coming out of the car. Now he jumps out, ready for his work and his walking.” Yash said.

“This role has developed Aidan’s confidence in so many ways, both at and outside of work. He’s now really good at walking in crowds at shopping centres, which he tried to avoid previously.”

“While Aiden is non-verbal, he does express that he loves the opportunity to walk, deliver the magnets and he even gets excited if we spot planes while we’re walking.”

Employment, Your Way

Early on in Aidan’s employment journey, we discovered that Aidan didn’t enjoy working indoors. Through Workpower’s customised employment initiatives, we were able to work with Aidan to find a job that suited his skills and lifestyle.

“Aidan loves walking, so finding a job delivering promotional material to people’s letterboxes was the perfect for him,” said Yash.

“We are in contact with Kiss My Grass every week so that they are across how many promotional magnets Aidan has delivered and what areas have been covered.

“We also use an app that gives the company oversight of where he is and can keep track of the delivery routes.”

Aidan’s Future Goals

Leading on from his work at Kiss My Grass, Aidan has identified additional goals that only prove how far he is developing emotionally.

Aidan would like to develop his emotional regulation even further so that he can participate in social and recreational activities within the community.

Already understanding what is required from him each shift, Aidan would like to continue seeking further employment opportunities in his spare time that he enjoys.

Workpower’s customised employment team work with customers like Aidan to find what they are passionate about and align this with their career goals.

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