31 May
Alex and Brendan get out and about on two wheels

Alex and Brendan get out and about on two wheels

Alex and Brendan are really heading places – they’ve found independence and freedom through bike riding, which gets them where they want to go. Their Community Support Officer (CSO) Sonny shares more about the brother’s travels so far.

Going places

I have worked with Alex and Brendan for the past six months and see them several times per week. In these sessions, we work towards goals that the brothers have identified for themselves – in particular, building skills towards employment.

This was when bike riding from their home to work at one of our Workpower sites was suggested. Not only would riding be good exercise and save on travel costs, but it allows them to travel wherever they please.

So with the help of another CSO Morgan we prepared bikes for our ride and a map of the journey. For the past few weeks the three of us ride together every Monday from their home to our location.

Free to explore

At the start, Alex and Brendan were a bit reluctant as they’d never done anything like this before. But after a few rides, their confidence quickly grew! Now when riding is suggested the brothers are always prepared and eager to start. They even beat me to it by contacting me first ahead of our rides!

As their skills develop, we’ve also travelled to the local shops and library. Alex and Brendan are growing comfortable with using the bike to travel and enjoy the independence it provides them. As a result, they also engage more with people they meet while out and about. The experience has opened up more opportunities to learn and grow.

The brothers enjoy riding and have a great sense of pride in their achievements so far! It’s wonderful to see how much progress they’ve made in a short period of time. Keep up the great work Alex and Brendan!

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