16 May
Alex is taking hold of volunteering with both hands

Alex is taking hold of volunteering with both hands

For Workpower customer Alex Razmovski, volunteering his time at Fiona Stanley Hospital has led to a discovery of responsibility, fast learning and an ability to put a smile on everyone’s face.

After securing an initial interview for the volunteer position at the end of 2021, Alex worked with Liz Spina, his support coach, to ensure he was prepared for the interview and the steps that followed.

Smashing his interview and already building great rapport, Alex started to work through all the paperwork requirements and was getting prepared for the orientation process.

Support Coach, Liz Spina, was amazed at how involved and focused Alex was during the orientation process.

“Alex was incredible! He was attentive and asked many questions that demonstrated he was listening to the presentation,” Liz said.

“It was then I was convinced that Fiona Stanley Hospital may just prove to be the right place for Alex to develop confidence and new friendships.”

First Shift

Alex’s first shift rolled around and he jump straight in to his welcoming role and responsibilities.

His tasks included being on reception, showing patients and visitors where they needed to be and looking after the shift phone, after getting the hang of it.

Taking on this volunteer position has fuelled the responsibility in Alex, as well as his social skills and independence. Every shift Alex takes part in his handover to the next team member, signs himself in and out of the shift and gets himself ready and looking professional.

Alex doesn’t hesitate to ask for assistance whenever he feels he needs it. Then, when feeling confident enough to do so, Alex will tackle the task independently.

He has been the perfect fit  in the volunteering team and it was clear they love having him around, making Alex feel right at home.

“My favourite person to work with is Maureen because she is a nice lady and makes me feel welcome!” Alex said.

“The favourite part of my job is meeting people and trying to help them if I can!”

Future Goals

For Alex, the volunteer position has introduced him to ambition and responsibility. Already putting his hand up to work another shift, his professionalism is shining through.

Even though he has only been at Fiona Stanley for three months, Alex has enjoyed it so much that his next goal is to hopefully gain a paid position as a porter.

Turning this volunteer into a career would be a huge achievement and one he is planning on working towards.

We look forward to seeing you achieve these goals Alex!