15 Jun
All the right moves for dancing partnership

All the right moves for dancing partnership

Last week was the season finale of our inaugural ballroom dancing program, thanks to partnership between City of Belmont, Ballroom Fit and Workpower.

The six-week program saw 14 people with disability gain new dance skills whilst also having the opportunity to build on their social skills with each other.

Encouraged to express themselves in a fun and supportive way, Workpower’s customers were joined by their support coaches, who also jumped in to support.

Ballroom Fit dancing instructor, Laura, not only saw the customers having a great time, but it was also clear they were learning new steps each week and retaining them!

“The class was one of my absolute favourites to teach,” Laura said.

“The students were an absolute joy as they learned Jive and Mamba steps, as well as rocking out to popular party dances. I hope to see them all again.”

Ballroom Fit is for everyone

With the group getting together once a week, bonds were quickly formed by the group, all leaving each lesson with smiles on their faces.

Ballroom Fit volunteer assistant, Jannette Barrett, was one of those people, with the class being a highlight of her week.

“It was wonderful to see the smiling faces of the dancers and also to see how some people improved their dancing skills,” Jannette said.

“Everyone, including the instructors, left the class on a high.”

Workpower customer, Tre Venkatas, known for his dance moves had a several favourite parts of the program.

“I really liked the stretching,” he said.

“I also really like the music that we dance to.”

The start of a great partnership

The partnership, initiated by City of Belmont, has been a huge success bringing together Workpower and Ballroom Fit.

Ballroom Fit principal, Darryl Davenport, is happy with how successful the program was.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Workpower for the dance class covered by a City of Belmont Community Participation Grant,” Darryl said.

“The team from Workpower were very professional to partner with and the dancers were a delight to watch, as they enjoyed the dance class. We hope to carry on the partnership for future dance programs.”

It’s also clear that the benefits of the partnership for the 14 people with disability.

John Bartlett, who is no stranger to performing arts, has said he is keen to continue dancing.

“I’m sad it’s ending,” John said.

“I want to do the dance classes more in the future.”

The partnership with City of Belmont and Workpower continues to provide opportunities for people with disability with several upcoming programs in the works – keep your eyes peeled.