04 Jul
Amanda’s coffee and cake gives a break!

Amanda’s coffee and cake gives a break!

In this week’s Community Programs blog, Elilish shares Amanda’s fundraising success!

In May, Amanda hosted a Morning Tea to raise money for the Animal Protection Society in Southern River, where she has been volunteering since March.

Amanda’s role as a ‘Cat Socialiser’ is to interact with and get the cats used to being handled to increase their chances for adoption. The morning tea was a huge success, raising $272.30 which Amanda presented to the rescue centre in June. The money will go towards food and bedding for the rescued cats.

Amanda presents her funds to the animal shelter

Amanda speaks below about why she volunteers and her fundraising plans.

“I think what the Animal Protection Society does for the animals is amazing. I like being able to help and getting involved. I really enjoy the work because I get to spend time with the cats and be around them. I love all animals but I am unable to have one of my own although I would like to have a cat in the future”.

I really enjoyed hosting the morning tea and I am very proud of myself.  I wasn’t expecting to raise so much money. I would like to thank everyone that helped organise it, baked cakes and donated money. I plan to keep volunteering and I am already thinking of ideas for my next fundraiser.”

Amanda at work

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