16 May
Announcing our 2018 Nexus Arts Grants Winners!

Announcing our 2018 Nexus Arts Grants Winners!

Above, left to right: Performing Arts Facilitator Sonni Byrne, grant winner Joshua Ford, and Program Development Manager Bithika Kastha.

Last Friday was a proud day for our Community Programs’ team as they congratulated, not one, but two talented participants for winning this years’ Nexus Arts Grant! Bithika tells us about this prestigious grant and the lucky recipients.

Investing in potential

The Nexus Arts Grant was created specifically to harness and invest in the incredible artistic talent of young people with disability. This is an opportunity for individuals to expand on their art skills and opportunities. Each artist will work towards developing an individual art portfolio, with the ultimate goal of establishing themselves as artists in their own right.

Last year, we were stoked with the news that one of our Community Programs‘ participants, Brooke Mathews, had received a Nexus Arts Grant. She revealed her fantastic work at the opening of our Whittome Community Garden in January. Now, we have two successful grant winners with the rare opportunity to develop their skills!

The Nexus Arts Grants winners for 2018.

Successful grant winners

I am delighted to announce our two talented participants this year – Joshua Ford and Ella Bridges!

Joshua received the $3000 grant for Theatre, and with his love of and natural talent for performing it’s not hard to see why. He’s thrived in a number of different Performing Arts and Music Rocks programs for the past few years. From this opportunity he can build on his existing skills and techniques and learn new ones. As part of his grant, Joshua will:

  • rehearse a monologue or soliloquy, which he may chose to write for himself
  • present the monologue at the end of the year performance

Joshua will develop his communication skills, self-confidence, and self-expression. Acting on stage will teach him to be comfortable speaking in front of large audiences and groups. He can then transfer these skills to other areas in his life.

Josh and his proud parents at award night!

Ella received the $2000 grant for Dance. She’s a member of the Kalamunda Performers Dance Academy and performs at an end of year annual dance concert held for parents and the local community.

This grant will provide her with a personal dance mentor to learn her steps for the end of year concert. This will help Ella:

  • remember steps for the performance
  • build her confidence and self-expression
  • improve her cross-body movement and coordination

We’re positive that she’ll make incredible progress and continue to have fun!

Congratulations again to both recipients – we can’t wait to see your progress through the year!

Our Community Programs and individualised services are perfect for building life skills and exploring your aspirations. For more information about our popular Performing Arts and Music Rocks programs, contact Bithika Kastha at (08) 9445 6552.