12 May
April 2021: Performing Arts update

April 2021: Performing Arts update

As the year progresses, both Performing Arts groups work hard to prepare towards their upcoming performances.   

In doing so they also experiment with new games and activities, and grow closer as a group! Here’s what they’ve been up to in April. 

Introducing name gestures 

Monday’s group celebrates individuality with a new activity. Each person was asked to create a unique gesture or pose to show others when they introduce themselves.  

Bella chose a hug while Josh did a chilled out pose. We then all acted out the gestures together. Another great way to express themselves, show our personality, and have fun! 

Creating our screenplay 

The group continued working on their screenplay, and chose a theme song. Everyone is working together to suggest different actions and dialogue, and the script is almost done! Next month we focus on finalising some details and preparing props and costumes. 

Along with scriptwriting, we’ve upped our drumming with the use of fit balls. A great way to develop rhythm, coordination, and fitness all in one!  

Performing with puppets 

Meanwhile Tuesday’s group have been having fun with puppets! Each person received their own puppet which they used to act out skits and play unique characters.  

We started with classic stories like Old MacDonald’s Farm and created new storylines and adventures. A unique way to build performance skills! 

The group continues to rehearse their song ahead of the performance. Each week they grow more confident with the words and gestures.  

We also played interactive games and discovered more about each other, our interests, and favourite things. And let’s not forget dancing! The group also learned moves for the viral Jerusalema dance song.  

performing arts

It’s great to see the lasting friendships and skills developed through Performing Arts. Stay tuned for next months’ update! 

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