27 Apr
Back to school disability supports

Back to school disability supports

It’s back to school for Term 2 and the routine that the hustle and the bustle that comes with school drop offs and pickups, making lunches and completing homework, but did you know we can lend a hand for children with disability aged 7+?

Our disability supports can be scheduled for school pick up, where we can pick up your child and take them out for a couple of hours of afterschool fun, sport or recreation before you get home from work.

The benefits?

You don’t have to worry about school pick up, while your child gets a couple of hours after school to have a break from the school/home routine.

We can also help you and your child to work towards specific goals, whether that be piano lessons, learning and developing a specific sporting skill or completing homework – we’re here to help.

How it works?

If your child has a NDIS plan with core support funding, we can work with you to tailor a program that suits theirs and your needs – whether that’s weekend supports or after school sessions.

If you’re an existing Workpower customer, you just let your Manager know that you’d like to consider after school sessions and we can work with you to determine which days and times suit best. If you’re new to Workpower, you can contact our Manager Customer Engagement, Ashby Ranson, on 0419 904 202 or via info@workpower.asn.au and work out how we can set up a tailored service.