15 Mar
Baily meets his boxing idol Danny Green

Baily meets his boxing idol Danny Green

One of our newest members to the Fire & Electrical team fulfilled a lifelong dream not long ago! In April Baily met the man who inspires him, Australian professional boxer Danny Green, who shared some lovely words about Baily and his thoughtful present!

A dream come true

As a longtime fan of the Perth born professional competitor and trainer, Baily jumped at the opportunity to meet Green in person. Baily loves boxing and has followed his inspirational career for some time. He even prepared a gift which was a thoughtful scrapbook of articles and pictures featuring Green’s career highlights over the years.

Baily made his way to the Premier Hotel in Pinjarra just to see him and give him the present he’d worked so hard on. For Baily, it was an incredible moment meeting his idol. But he’s not the only one who was inspired that day.

Suffice to say, Green was just as impressed! Honored by Baily’s enthusiasm and dedication he shared his experience on Instagram:

@dannygreen.boxer I am fortunate enough to meet some beautiful humans with my gig.

This young champion Baily, who has a disability, but make no mistake, like most people with disabilities, are sharper than most, made me this full on biography with words and pictures and waited around on the weekend at @premierhotelpinjarra to say Gday and hand deliver this great effort.

In my life I’ve met a lot of people with both physical and mental disabilities, and I truly find the people who do have a mental disability, which can hinder their progress to learn certain things etc, almost always have other gifts and attributes that in my opinion make them far more intelligent, and interesting.

I just love people who are ‘outside the box’ kind of thinkers. This lad is just that. Sharp, witty, super clued in. thank u my man, u bloody made my day.

What incredible words about an earnest and motivated young man!

A promising future

It’s been a busy few weeks since Baily joined our Fire and Electrical Services team in Mandurah in mid January. He first visited us through our Workplace Learning program and decided to move into a formal role from there. This allows students to try work experience in a supported environment in any of our social enterprises.

We’re very lucky to have such a hardworking team member! In his short time with us he’s fit right into the team and gets along with everyone. Baily is driven to learn new skills and also volunteers with the Riding for the Disabled.

Apart from boxing, Baily loves animals, playing his Xbox, and going out to the movies and the beach. We hope you keep up the great work Baily, and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

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