16 Mar
Baily tackles efficiency head-on

Baily tackles efficiency head-on

2020 is set to be a big year for Baily from Fire & Electrical Services, as his training continues! Late last year he decided to learn to use the guillotine machine to assist with hose equipment processing. In addition to this skill, Baily set a number of new goals to work towards. 

We see how he’s tackling quality and efficiency head-on at work. 

New goals to work towards 

Along with the guillotine, Baily wants to operate the pallet jack and scissor lift. These are key pieces of machinery used in our production area, and require a certain level of skill and experience to use.  

It’s great to see Baily commit to these larger goals. It will take some time to learn, but with his new confidence, motivation, and the team’s support he’s sure to find success! 

Improving quality control 

While he’s set his sights on new training, Baily is also working hard on improving the quality of his daily work. 

The electrical assets we process here play a key role in helping others stay safe during emergencies. In addition to this, we also assist with warehousing jobs. But regardless what we’re working on, we complete each job with the utmost care and to the highest standards. 

Baily has been working to improve his counting while making fly trap lids. Together with his support worker he’s using a template to help him count. He’s now learned to set it up independently according to how many traps are required.  

Baily uses this method to make sure each one is assembled correctly and that he hasn’t missed any steps. If he finds any issues with the lids he reports it back to his supervisor – solving the problem efficiently. 

In no time at all Baily learned to utilise the template and is gaining speed fast! He now works quickly on the task with little need for supervision.  

Managing himself 

Along with efficiency, time management is also an important skill to develop. The team supported Baily to be more aware of the time and know when to take regular breaks. It’s important to take care of yourself, and Baily is now learning to recognise and respond to what his body needs.  

Great work Baily! We can’t wait to hear how you go with your other goals. 

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