31 Mar
Balcatta offers stepping stone for Rhy’s career

Balcatta offers stepping stone for Rhy’s career

The City of Stirling’s Balcatta Recycling Shop provides a new stepping stone for people with disability who want to expand their careers. Through our partnership we provide opportunities for employees to engage with the community and build skills for the future.  

For Rhys, working at Balcatta has opened up new pathways in his career. He previously worked in a warehousing workplace and was looking for a change. His goal is to expand his skills and engage more with others through work. 

Part of a team 

Once Rhys secured the position of Stores Worker he received training on what to do at each station. He soon found that he enjoyed being active and working with his hands to complete different tasks.  

There are a various stations and roles that operate simultaneously at Balcatta. It’s important for employees to know how everything works together and keep customers moving through. Teamwork is crucial.  

Support coaches are also there to make sure employees get all the help and guidance they need to do their job well. 

Working as a team also builds a sense of belonging and fosters lasting friendships. 

“I enjoy working here as I feel like I’m part of a team,” says Rhys. 

A career stepping stone

Rhys enjoys working at Gate 5 inspecting donations and being on the till. By receiving donations he learns how to price items correctly, which helps him process payments in the shop.  

This process also helps him learn to communicate with customers and help them out. Working at Balcatta also means he’s always active, working with his hands, and using his knowledge to make the right decisions.  

Rhys enjoys the variety of work each day and is keen to learn: he often asks questions and takes initiative to learn about recycling. For him, this job is a great fit and a good stepping stone for the future. 

Work opportunities are now available at the Balcatta Recycling Shop, Tamala Park Reuse Shop, and Henderson Waste Recovery Park. If you’d like to join the team then call us at 1800 610 665 or email today!

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