17 Jul
Bella gets her sweat on at the gym

Bella gets her sweat on at the gym

For the past few years, one of Bella’s main goals is to improve her health and fitness.  

We all know that being healthy involves a combination of eating the right foods, doing exercise, and being active. It also requires consistency and commitment, and it’s no surprise that many of us find it hard to keep motivated over a long period of time. 

Bella has worked hard towards her fitness goals for some time now. She regularly attends gym sessions and follows a healthy, balanced diet. But in the last few months she’s really found her motivation and has made a big improvement! 

Stepping it up 

Working closely with her Community Support Officer (CSO) Imajyn, Bella now regularly completes a full workout routine including: 

  • Core strength exercise  
  • Full body stretches 
  • Overhead lifts 
  • Step-ups and more 

As Bella does more exercise and grows stronger, she’s also growing confidence in her abilities. Now she’s choosing her own exercises, repetitions, and duration, and identifying areas where she wants to challenge herself. 

Just recently Bella rode 3 km on the bike and pushed herself to walk 20 minutes on the treadmill. These are big milestones for her, which means she’s one step closer to meeting her goals. 

Well done Bella – your hard work and dedication is paying off!  

Getting active and involved 

In addition to exercise, Bella is working towards her other goals of improving mobility and balance, and developing friendships with peers.  

She’s a cast member of our Performing Arts program and set to perform at the upcoming annual show in November. Bella has performed with us for several years now and played a beautiful Tinkerbell in last years’ sellout show, Once Upon A Time. Through the workshops Bella continues to build friendships with other cast members, meet new people, and grow her independence. 

Alongside performing arts, she also attends dance lessons at Dance Inclusion, horse riding, and swimming. What a hard worker! 

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