26 Apr
Belmont P&W sets new production record!

Belmont P&W sets new production record!

The team at Belmont Packaging & Warehousing were recently put to the test and set a new production record in the process. Here’s how it happened.

A formidable challenge

One of our biggest and oldest customers at Belmont is a company called Planet Sales. As one of Australia’s leading producers of non-alcoholic drinks, they supply products for various companies. One of these products is Maxade beverages, a range of isotonic drinks. These are supplied to Aldi and sold all over the country.

The drinks recently grew more popular, and as a result we received a massive order for 30 pallets full of stock in February. They also come in three flavours which each require different labelling and treatment.

The team had only two working days to complete the job. It posed a great challenge, but our dedicated Belmont team approached it head-on!

Teamwork wins the day

Over those two full-on days, everyone came together to get the job done. Staff and employees used an efficient production process and worked proactively. They all focused on the same goal and supported one another in the process.

In the end we successfully prepared 2,400 trays. That’s 28,800 bottles of Berry Blast, Arctic Rush and Lemon & Lime Maxade drinks! Planet Sales were very appreciative of our hard work and commitment.

The experience taught the team how to work smarter and support one another to complete the task at hand. It’s also provided a big boost in confidence in their capabilities.

With this successful order under their belt, they’re ready to take on the next big challenge.

Congratulations to the Belmont team for their dedication, hard work, and determination to succeed!

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