01 Aug
Ben’s story: The right fit

Ben’s story: The right fit

Ben has been with us since we took over at Balcatta Recycling Shop (BRS) and beyond, and is always hardworking and dedicated to his job. We asked him about his journey before joining us, and what he enjoys most about working here!

Receiving a helping hand

I first came across Workpower about four years ago.

At that time, I was finding it difficult to get consistent work and find something that suited me. I had been out of work for a year and a half, and it was hard to get motivated and stay positive.

I was assigned my first Employment Consultant, John Holdcroft, and we got along really well. John was very supportive and enthusiastic, and helped me look for different positions and volunteer jobs. He introduced me to Bill Elliot, current BRS Manager, and I joined his small team in 2016.

We did a number of odd property maintenance jobs, including patching fences and walls, and Bill taught me valuable woodworking and handyman skills.

Invigorating work

After working in Bill’s team for six months, a position was available at the new Balcatta Recycling Shop. I put my skills to good use and helped clean the site and fix up the foundations so that the area was safe for others.

Since then I’ve been working at either the front gate or at Gate 5, where donations are accepted. I enjoy working at the front gate as I get to greet customers and give assistance or directions. I always feel that my work is meaningful, and it keeps me energized.

I’m happy working here, it’s the right fit for me.

I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity to expand my skills, challenge myself, and grow. I feel more confident around others and self-sufficient. Being part of this collaborative team is also very rewarding.

The BRS has also allowed me to pursue my interests in DIY and vintage items. I’ve got great plans to make my own furniture and renovate my home using different materials sourced here.

Giving back to the community

After receiving support from various people in this organisation, I’m inspired to give back to others. Since 2014 I’ve volunteered at HD Streetwise, putting together care packages for the homeless every Sunday. I also help out at the local soup kitchen on Friday and do pamphlet delivery on my days off.

I enjoy keeping busy, and both volunteering and working at the BRS suits me perfectly.

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