02 Jan
The best tips for your landscaping project!

The best tips for your landscaping project!

It’s the start of a new year, and the time is now to start that big landscaping project! With careful planning and consideration, and a few helpful tips, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your efforts in no time!

We’ve compiled a couple of handy tips to keep in mind as you embark on your landscaping journey!

Plan well ahead

Don’t start a project without a plan, unless you don’t expect your garden to last very long! Remember to consider the climate and season, your ability to implement and maintain the space, and your budget and theme.

Buy bulk

Even if you’re landscaping for a small garden, consider partnering up with other landscapers or gardeners to buy in bulk and save. Check out our wholesale nursery today!

Don’t forget about hard-scaping

The non-plant elements of your garden (eg. fences, pathways, statues, walls) are just as important as your flower bed. They provide symmetry, balance, and practicality to your garden.

Never neglect natives

Australian species thrive in this harsh climate, and are the perfect economical and practical choice for a drought-resistant, fire retardant landscape. Not to mention it’s good news for our biodiversity too.

Test your soil

The quality of your soil can affect the type of vegetation you can grow. Check out this guide here, and don’t forget about your pH levels!

Check out our recycling shop

Why buy new when you can find what you need at the recycling shop at a bargain price? Our BRS is a one-stop gold mine for landscapers – we’ve got a wide variety of tiles, bricks, plants, fences, and other materials available.

Start from seed

Save big with seedlings instead of grown plants. You can plan ahead so that your lawn is ready for when you want to enjoy it. Check out our extensive seedling range here!

Don’t forget that our Property and Nursery teams are garden and landscape experts. We’re ready to provide you with quality advice and service for any space, big or small.

Contact Property Services at (08) 9375 4930, or the Nursery at (08) 9375 4900.