01 Sep
Bill finds new passion for work through Workpower

Bill finds new passion for work through Workpower

Since making the move to Workpower six years ago, Bill Elliott discovered a passion for work he never knew he had – supporting people with disability.

As General Manager of Recycling and Fire & Electrical services, Bill’s not only found the role to match his industry skills and experience, but a joy in the workplace that he’d not encountered before.

“Before Workpower, I was working for myself with a fair bit of pressure and stress. But this role with Workpower just seemed to lighten me up. It was an actual lightbulb moment when I realised that it’s my job that makes me so happy.

“I’m a personable sort of person who will listen to people and have an understanding of how I can help or what people need, so I think I’m really well suited to working here. I enjoy what I do – and the business has given that joy back to me in spades,” said Bill.

“I started with Workpower six years ago, and before I’d walked by people on the street, but not understood their stories. Working here has been eye-opening adventure for me so far, and I’m loving it,” said Bill.

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Supporting the community

Employing people with disability is just one of the ways Bill’s work benefits the community. Workpower’s two Reuse and Recycling Shops, both managed by Bill’s team, provide an important service to the community with affordable options for lower income earners.

“Apart from just giving our team another lease on life, people with a lower income get the benefit from buying goods that they couldn’t buy brand new. These shops spread wealth,” said Bill.

Building new sustainable partnerships

With the benefits clear to all, Workpower is in discussion with other local governments to open their own Reuse Shops under the model that has been so successful for Tamala Park and Balcatta.

“We work in conjunction with two councils for recycling, the City of Stirling and the MRC (Mindarie Regional Council). They run the whole site, so before waste goes to landfill it come through us and we take off the recyclables we can sell.

“We’ve been contacted by other local governments to help them open up a reuse shop at their waste sites. We’re working with the City of Canning at the moment to see what opportunities there might be,” added Bill.

For more information on Workpower’s commercial services send us an email or give us a call on 1800 610 665.