15 Feb
Blog: Kelly is planning for the future!

Blog: Kelly is planning for the future!

Our Community Programs team work with individuals to achieve their goals. In this week’s Community Programs blog, Community Support Officer (CSO), Chris, shares Kelly’s journey…

Kelly’s dreams and hopes for the future:

  • Exert choice and control in my life
  • Make more friends
  • Build more independence at home and in the community
  • Implement a healthy lifestyle

Kelly is a very social, affectionate person with a real zest for life!  She loves her family, her dog – Rocky, her social supports, her work, smurfs, minions and talking! I am always proud of Kelly when I see her working at Belmont Packaging and Warehousing, she is so focused and a truly dedicated employee!

I first met Kelly in September 2016 and was told that Kelly can be very quiet and introverted until she gets to know new people.  Well, we just clicked and Kelly immediately showed me her open, friendly personality and we have formed a great friendship.

Part of my supports with Kelly involve personal care and grooming tasks, Kelly is finding this easier to manage and takes extra care and pride in looking after herself now. At home, Kelly and I help out with washing, dishes, tidying the kitchen and also have planned meals to cook for Kelly and her family.  We often discuss healthy eating, personal care, hygiene and healthy relationships.

As part of Kelly’s goals, we work on weight management and chart her progress every Monday evening, she has been making steady progress and has lost several kilograms! This has been achieved by making some small changes including using public transport instead of driving; taking her dog, Rocky, on walks around her suburb; long walks at the park or swimming laps for exercise; and making healthy food choices.

Socially, Kelly and I make good use of our time together.  I support Kelly with all her medical and counselling appointments; exercise and swimming in her local community; occasional trips to meet with her work friends for morning tea; and lots of social outings such as the Perth Royal Show, seeing a movie, shopping, wildlife parks and museums.

Our goals for 2017 are to build on Kelly’s achievements so far and to join a group that encourages independence and life skills such as cooking classes or an exercise group.  I will also be assisting Kelly to look into alternative living arrangements, where Kelly can be more independent but still be close to her family and workplace.

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