07 Feb
Blog: Stacee’s new outlook!

Blog: Stacee’s new outlook!

In this week’s Employment Services blog, Employment Consultant John Holdcroft tells us how a change in career gave Stacee a boost in confidence to achieve her career and creative goals…

Stacee is a remarkable woman, who for a long time has been unsure about what she wants to do for a career. Stacee has previously worked in Administration and Reception roles but realised that this type of work wasn’t for her. Stacee has had to re-evaluate what she wants to do and is now making the most of her compassionate spirit and passion for working with those with disability. She has now successfully engaged in a Cert IV in Disability which she loves. Stacee is the happiest and most optimistic she has been in a long time about her future and finding employment. Stacee is well connected and has many friends and contacts at organisations who can offer employment when she’s completed her studies. We are both delighted as things are looking bright for her!

Outside of work and studies, Stacee has a fierce passion for music, and an incredible singing voice in a similar vein to her idol Judith Durham who she hopes to meet this year. She was interviewed on Vision Australia Radio, and has had some gigs recently; singing the National Anthem at the Perth Lynx Basketball Game before Christmas, as well as singing at the Valley Bowls Club on New Year’s Eve. She was elated with how things went and enjoyed herself immensely.

Since I met Stacee, she has gone from worried and pessimistic back to a strong confident and endearingly optimistic person, now that she has been given the chance to push towards working in an area where she is passionate and interested. I’m looking forward to seeing her forge ahead in her new career and find a good balance between work and her creative endeavours. I have my fingers crossed she will get the chance to cross paths with Judith Durham this year!

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