03 Jul
Brian plans for the future

Brian plans for the future

Brian works in the landscaping and gardening department for the City of Bayswater. After years of working life, he has begun thinking about the next step: retirement.  

We share more details about Brian’s journey and how we supported him during this transition period. 

A new chapter in life 

Retirement is a significant change for many, and it’s normal to feel concerned about the process and changes ahead. It can mean a large shift in your financial situation, lifestyle choices, and social and community life. 

For the past few years, Brian has been thinking about retirement and what it means for him. He’s been working with his Community Support Officer (CSO) Ayman to address some of the concerns he has about the future and the whole process.  

There are many things that need to be prepared in order to retire with peace of mind. We’re currently supporting Brian to make the arrangements he needs. This includes: 

  • Assisting him to make goals for the future 
  • Helping him understand the process and what he needs to do 
  • Support and encouragement throughout the transition period 

Goals for the future

Naturally, Brian initially felt some anxiety about his future. But with support from Ayman and others, he no longer feels alone in this transition. He’s grown in confidence and feels capable of tackling the changes that lie ahead. 

Now that he’s feeling at ease with his retirement, Brian has set a date to finish work forever. His last day will be on the 24th October, which will be an extra special day as it’s also his birthday! 

He’s looking forward to having more time for himself, his family, and to build new relationships within the community. In particular, he can’t wait to join his local Men’s Shed group and plan a holiday somewhere new. 

We wish you all the best for his future Brian, and we hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement. 

Our support team can help you navigate major life changes like retirement, leaving school, or entering the workforce.

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