26 Nov
Brianna’s Royal Show volunteering day a great success

Brianna’s Royal Show volunteering day a great success

After volunteering at Ranger Red’s Zoo and Conservation Park for more than a year, Brianna Dickson’s hard work paid off, with the 23-year-old receiving a call-up to work at the zoo’s stall at the Perth Royal Show!

“When I told Brianna that Red’s wanted her to staff a stall at the Perth Royal Show, she was thrilled.  I think her response was, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, yes!’ so you can imagine how excited she was,” said Beth, Brianna’s Support Coach.

Brianna has always been a top-notch worker at the Zoo, regularly tasked with feeding the animals, cleaning out the ferret enclosure, and doing daily rounds to check on the animals.

Her volunteer day at the Show was no different – Brianna was in her element, chatting to customers and handing out brochures for much of the day.

“Later in the day, Brianna plucked up the courage to pick up Bob, the aptly-named bobtail lizard, and was in charge of ensuring he was treated properly by the children who wanted pats, and that he didn’t get too stressed,” said Beth.

While Brianna did love her work at the Ranger Red’s stall, the best part about working at the Royal Show was always going to be the show bags.

Taking a mental note of the show bags stands when she came in, Brianna picked up her favourite show bag once her working day had come to an end.

“I saw her eying the show bag stands when we entered the showgrounds, but she waited until her shift was over before going and picking one up,” said Beth.

The bag she ended up buying didn’t have any junk food but rather a couple of items that she needed, including a gym bag, it was a very responsible choice!” she added.

Brianna’s confidence has grown with the support she’s received. Do you know anyone who needs a confidence boost?

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