26 Jan
A bright future for the Little Sparrow!

A bright future for the Little Sparrow!

We’re delighted to follow up with the next installment in the journey of Little Sparrow, the inspirational, independent Stacee! We talk to her Employment Consultant John Holdcroft about her journey towards independence, exploring her passions, and starting her first shift at Brightwater!

We covered Stacee’s journey early this year, as she decided to change her career path. She decided to utilise her compassion, empathic nature, and experiences living with disability in a role working with disability.

In August last year, we got news of her successful completion of Certificate IV in Disability and of her work placement at one of our social enterprises. It was one of the hardest challenges she’s had to face, but she pushed through with determination, strength, and positivity.

Now, John is happy to report that Stacee reached another wonderful milestone! She completed her first shift at Brightwater in early November, doing Hotel Services work at their Carlisle Assisted Living facility.

The work is immensely rewarding for a caring and generous person like Stacee. She takes pride in her contributions to the Brightwater residents who are in the late stages of Huntington’s disease. Her work not only helps the residents feel more comfortable and enjoy a greater quality of life: it also helps provide valuable social interactions that benefit both parties.

Stacee initially struggled with the restrictions of her disability. But after working with John throughout the year, she’s pushed through and found strength and resilience in her supportive role.

She’s also being proactive and volunteering at Joe Camilleri Day Centre and assisting with their performance production. Well done!

Big news

And to top it all off, we just received some incredible news. Last Thursday Stacee had her review at Brightwater and was offered a permanent position! This is her first permanent role – she’s now committed to three days a week, alongside volunteer work and some other paid work!

We’re so proud of you Stacee! John and all of us at Workpower are confident in your abilities, and wish you the best of luck for the future! Stay tuned as we continue to share Stacee’s wonderful journey!

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