29 Jun
BRS leads the way for sustainable recycling

BRS leads the way for sustainable recycling

Last week, we talked about how changes to China’s policy affect our recycling industry. It’s clear that we need to find new ways of processing and using recycled materials within Australia, and fast.

But while state and local governments need to take action, it’s the locals that are leading the way towards a new sustainable future.

A better way to recycle

At the BRS, you can see how efficient recycling works firsthand. Our detailed process allows us to recycle more material, create less waste, and results in higher quality recycled goods.

You can recycle the following materials here for free:


Plastic has a disastrous, long-term consequence on our environment. And it comes in many different types and forms, which makes recycling even more difficult.

That’s why we’re devoted to recycling plastic properly and reducing the strain on our environment.

We accept:

  • soft and clear plastics, like bubble wrap
  • general household plastics, like milk bottles (HDPE, High Density) and clear drinking containers (PTE 1 and 2)
  • polystyrene found in packaging

We removed a massive 3 tons of plastic from landfill in the last three months!

This includes:

  • 570 kg soft, clear plastic
  • 300 kg of HDPE

Our new polystyrene machine is also working wonders for the environment! Since April, we’ve been able to convert 1.5 tons  (800 m3) into 7 m3 of solid raw material. It’s then used for molded picture frames and jetties.

We’re so excited to offer these new recycling services and hope to recycle more and more plastics in the future!


We take scrap steel, roof sheeting, aluminium doors and windows, water heaters, BBQs, and gutters.

The metal gets sorted and packaged into raw materials, which goes towards new products and infrastructure. Every year we remove 2,000 tons of metal from landfill.

Cardboard and glass

You can drop off your glass bottles and all forms of cardboard and paper at the BRC, like boxes, magazines, and brochures.

Every year we save 1,200 tons of cardboard from landfill and provide recycled materials for making other paper products! We also process about 500 m3 of glass into material used for building roads.

Together, we can lead the way with sustainable and efficient recycling! Next week we cover how to recycle and donate at the BRS.

If you have any questions about what you can and can’t recycle, check out our full recycling list or give us a ring at (08) 9445 6591.