25 May
BRS looks out for the community

BRS looks out for the community

Our Balcatta Recycling Shop (BRS) has been pretty busy lately. As a popular spot for recycling and buying secondhand from a wide variety of goods, we often get visitors looking for all sorts of things. This includes DIY landscapers, gardeners, renovators, pet owners, club members, and many others from the local community.

Lately, we’ve received lots of visits from local community groups and clubs looking for specific items – and we’re more than happy to help them out!

Here’s a few of the latest ones:

A new mud kitchen for the kids

Our Facebook page reached 1,000 Likes in late March, and we celebrated with a two-week DIY competition! As we’re big fans of reusing and up-cycling, we asked our followers to share with us the projects they’d like to complete using materials purchased from the BRS.

Suffice to say, we received plenty of incredible answers! But one in particular stood out to us. The local Balcatta Primary School P&C committee wanted to teach their children about recycling by building a mud kitchen using recycled materials. We all agreed that this was a brilliant idea, so we helped them out with a few store vouchers. Hope the children enjoy their new kitchen!

Cricket bats for days

A unique concept has put this small regional WA town on the map. The Narrikup Cricket Club started the world’s first cricket boundary fence made from old cricket bats back in 2011. What began as a commemorative project for a retiring member turned into a tourist attraction. They even have the biggest cricket bat in the Southern Hemisphere, standing at 8 metres tall, next to the clubhouse. The fence is made up of old or secondhand bats, and many signed by famous players.

The club needs 2,500 bats to finish the project, and they currently have about 425. When we heard about it, we decided to help.

So if you have any old bats simply drop them off at BRS and we’ll pass them onto the Narrikup Cricket Club. We wish you the best of luck in your matches, and in completing this incredible fence!

Smashing props

Our BRS sees a lot of customers come in looking for all sorts of odd things. But we’re surprised when we found someone searching for broken air conditioner units – until he told us that he was using them as props in a production by the Black Swan State Theatre Company! The reason he needed a number of them was because they were to be destroyed as part of the performance, which makes us even more curious about the show!

We’re more than happy to pass on broken air conditioner units for the cause and support our local WA arts. Hope the production was a success!

The BRS is your one-stop destination for all your recycling and re-purposing needs. Drop by today or give us a ring at (08) 9445 6591.