06 May
Build your skills online

Build your skills online

We have a lot of fun playing games and trying different activities in our community supports. But it’s not only about having fun – our range of activities can help you develop lots of different skills to help you be involved in the community.  

Interpersonal skills 

Making conversation is an important part of building relationships and navigating the workplace. And that’s one of the activities we focus on during our Interactive activity sessions.  

We run through a series of conversation starters and invite others to ask questions, do follow-up questions, and talk about themselves. Talking doesn’t come naturally for everyone, so this is a place where you can practice this skill and build your confidence. 

Art class 

Painting landscapes and drawing strange cartoon characters isn’t just good fun – it’s great for building your concentration. Handling a brush and alternating brush strokes and weight requires focus, attention to detail, and uses your fine motor skills.  

Circus craft 

Learning to juggle is a great trick to have and an easy crowd-pleasing act. Better yet, you’ll be working on many skills all at once: this includes your memory, coordination, focus, and agility. Juggling is a special skill that requires practice, but it’s certainly worth the effort! 

Understanding money 

In our world of card and contactless payment, it can be easy to forget about cash and coins. But knowing how to use physical money is still a critical skill to have, especially if you’re interested in a career in the hospitality or retail industry. 

Our workshop uses different activities to help you recognise different coins and notes and understand the values of each one. 

These are just some examples of skills you can build while having fun online. Check out our full range here and register today!