10 May
Burns Beach wildlife thrives with maintenance program

Burns Beach wildlife thrives with maintenance program

Burns Beach is a popular family beach spot beside the Marmion National Park. On behalf of the City of Joondalup, Environmental Services supported the installation of a dual use foot path through a three year maintenance program. This includes providing erosion control, revegetation, and weed control services.  

See below for further details on this project. 

Weed control 

Due to the size of the area, the Environmental team split up into small groups to work on various parts of Burns Beach. Weeds were physically removed or chemically treated. This manages their impact on the health of the natural area.  

Erosion control maintenance

Locations such as Burns Beach occasionally require rehabilitation. This is due to damage caused from developments or naturally occurring erosion. 

Following the weed control jute matt is installed. This provides soil stability in order for native plants to establish. It also protects the top soil against further erosion during this key growing stage.  

On this occasion the site was very sandy. Biodegradable jute matting was installed along the pedestrian pathway. This prevents further disturbance and provides structure where native plants would be installed once the conditions are right. 

Burns Beach maintenance

Biodiversity at Burns Beach 

Once the matting is down, a well-considered variety of plant species is installed to complement the soil profile and landscape. 

On installation the soil is treated appropriately in order to boost soil health and optimise the conditions for the new plants to grow.  

Ongoing maintenance  

Through the life of the project the Environmental team revisit the site regularly to water newly installed plants, treat weed infestations, and complete infill planting when required.  

This process continues for the duration of the project, monitoring as the plants grow into maturity. This strategy ensures projects have the highest rate of success. 

Workpower’s Environmental Services work with many local governments like the City of Joondalup to rehabilitate their environment landscapes. To find out more about their services contact them on (08) 9375 4950 or on email.