13 Feb
Callum, a talented artist in the making

Callum, a talented artist in the making

We have a budding artist in our midst! For the past few months Callum has been exploring his passion for art together with his CSO John. He’s taken on a challenging new project and wants to learn more and build his talents.

We hear more from John about Callum, his progress, and also some great feedback from Callum’s mum.

Callum’s creative touch

I’ve been supporting Callum since late last year, and in these short few months he’s grown immensely.

When we first met he was nervous and shy, but with more time together I got to know him and his interests. Now he’s really opened up towards me and is happy to smile and chat.

One of his interests is watching the Loud House cartoon series and drawing the many characters from the show. Callum loves drawing and has a natural talent for it. Every week we work together to build his skills and creativity.

One of Callum’s comic strips.

He’s now decided to expand his work into making a large film storyboard in a comic book style. This will form the start of a new project, to make an animated short film featuring these characters. I’m excited for Callum and for this project, as it will really help him hone his artistic skills.

We look forward to supporting Callum in his journey as he gains more experience and knowledge.

Great feedback for great support

We received incredible feedback from Callum’s mum Antoinette, who was impressed by John’s dedication and commitment to supporting her son.

“He goes so far past what is expected of him and does so much for him.”

“John is teaching Callum different professional techniques and makes suggestions to help him develop his talents every week,” she says. “He also gives me recommendations for different art products, videos, and links that could help Callum grow his skills.”

According to her, Callum’s skills have improved dramatically from John’s guidance and encouragement. He’s really taken on board the suggestions and is keen to learn.

Great job Callum and keep up the awesome work!

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