26 Apr
Casey gains work experience towards pastry chef career

Casey gains work experience towards pastry chef career

Casey is a new addition to the Catering team with a career aspiration to become a pastry chef. Working in the kitchen helps him build key hospitality skills and gain valuable work experience in a fast-paced workplace. 

Getting work experience 

Casey’s interest in hospitality started when he did a cooking class in Year 12. He found that he really enjoyed working with food and was searching for work experience. 

He then found an opportunity in Catering through our Workplace Learning program. When he started his mum helped him make the arrangements for each shift. But as his experience grew Casey took on more responsibility for his work. As a result, he took on a paid role as a Kitchen Hand in November! 

The joy of working 

“I really enjoy working with my hands,” says Casey. 

“This [job] offers the perfect experience for me, to be honest.” 

As a part of the Catering team, Casey does a range of tasks to help keep orders going through smoothly. This includes preparing ingredients and sauces for cooking, and making lots of sandwich orders. 

The fast-paced environment of the kitchen is not for everyone. In the beginning Casey felt easily stressed when things got busy.  

But with experience and guidance from Support Coach Maddi, he learned how to de-stress. One of the ways he did this was to take things one step at a time and break large tasks into smaller ones. 

It’s clear that Casey really enjoys working, learning, and keeping busy. Even his family have noticed that he’s more lively since he started working. He’s also interested in front-of-house duties and just attended a barista course! 

The experience of working in Catering with the team has helped him learn many skills for the future. These include not only food preparation skills but how to work under pressure and as part of a team.  

His position at Catering offers a huge stepping stone towards his career as a pastry chef.  

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