23 Jul
Catering dishes up life-changing opportunities

Catering dishes up life-changing opportunities

Workpower catering provides life-changing opportunities for both employees and people with disability. Based out of the WA Police HQ, this kitchen is no different to any other according to Support Coach Maddi Jeckells. Well, there might be one life-changing difference… 

“I’d say there was no difference compared to the kitchen I previously worked in to this one… if anything, this one has a lot more attention to detail here, more hands-on training with everyone, including myself when I first started,” said Maddi. 

Workpower’s commercial catering service provides food for a number of organisations, including providing lunches for training and workshops that take place with the Department of Communities. This customer list is growing rapidly and mostly just by word of mouth: the food is that delicious. 

“I’m really proud of the food we provide. We actually just got feedback from two new customers this week, really positive feedback and they’ve ordered again. I guess that speaks for itself,” said Maddi. 

Maddi started at Workpower more than six years ago. She provides one-on-one support to people with disability, helping them with daily life skills and engagement with the community. Maddi’s love for her job made her look for other opportunities within Workpower.  

This resulted in her moving into the commercial catering side of the organisation where she gets to support people with disability in employment.  

Life-changing opportunities at Workpower

Since joining Workpower she can’t imagine working anywhere else. 

“I love it! I love it in a work sense as well. Why don’t people with disability have more jobs than this? They’re the hardest working people I’ve ever met, always willing to give anything a go. I’d honestly work with them over anyone,” said Maddi. 

The inclusive workplace is great for both employees and catering customers, who receive delicious food made with care. 

Supported employees have the opportunity to learn not just culinary skills but social skills as well. An example of how Maddi and Workpower support people with disability is the progress made by our kitchen hand, delivery driver and budding pastry chef, Casey

When Casey first joined Workpower he was quite shy. In addition to wanting to develop skills in the kitchen he also wanted to have the confidence to talk to new people. 

“I’ve loved seeing Casey grow, he came in for work experience and he was quite shy… he had in his notes that he wanted to learn how to just make general conversation with people in the workplace,” said Maddi. 

“That’s something that I made note of, so, it wasn’t just about him learning food skills, he wanted to learn social skills as well. 

“Seeing how quickly Casey grew while he was with us gaining work experience, we knew we wanted to give him a job straight away. He’s been a great asset to the team,” added Maddi.  

Do you know someone who would be a great asset to our team? Get in contact – you can call us on 1800 610 665 or email us at info@workpower.asn.au