26 Feb
Catering goes green with bio-packaging

Catering goes green with bio-packaging

Mid last year we made a decision to swap to sustainable packaging and do our part for the environment – and we haven’t looked back since! Here’s how the change came about and what’s new.

Switch to sustainable

We were initially approached by staff from the Western Australian Police Headquarters who wanted to implement environmentally sustainable practices in the building. As part of the initiative, they wanted to encourage staff to be mindful about waste and use single-use packaging sparingly.

At 1905 we are passionate about sustainability, and always search for ways to improve our processes and reduce our impact. That is why we always try to reduce waste and reuse plastic materials and packaging in our catering.

When we heard about this initiative, we were keen to be involved. Since then we’ve taken the challenge head on and decided to implement sustainable practice at the Blue Bean Cafe in a number of ways.

Compostable cafe packaging

Firstly we switched to BioPak packaging. All our cups, lids, containers, trays, straws, cutlery, and napkins are now fully compostable or recyclable. All products are certified carbon neutral and made from sustainably sourced and renewable plant material.

In making the switch to sustainable packaging, we also support an organisation that gives back to others and nature. 7.5% of BioPak proceeds go to recovering rainforests, carbon offsets, and other not-for-profits and charities.

Think twice about waste

While the packaging is safe for the environment, it is still single-use. To reduce waste and save resources we encourage staff to only take what they need.

We also operate a three bin system in the Blue Bean Cafe, which sorts out recyclable, non-recyclable, and compostable waste.

And to reduce usage, we encourage staff to bring their own cutlery and cups. We also sell our own KeepCups!

So far the staff have really embraced the changes, and it’s great to see them be more mindful about their use of packaging.

With this success we hope to introduce more sustainable practices in other areas where possible.

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