02 Sep
Celebrate spring with the School Holiday Program

Celebrate spring with the School Holiday Program

With spring on its way so is the next school holidays, and we’ve got plenty of exciting activities prepared! We talk more about what you can expect from the next School Holiday Program and our flexible approach to supports. 

Mix and match 

Ahead of this month we’ve spoken to each of our attendees about what they would like to do this school holiday. Each person can choose to do a one-on-one activity with their support worker, join a friendship group, or do a group activity.  

Friendship groups are opportunities for attendees to spend time with a friend from the program and do some small group activities. These could based at our centre or in the community, like: 

  • Visiting Inflatable World 
  • Playing mini-golf 
  • Rock climbing and swimming 
  • Exploring Scitech 

And as always, our group activities bring everyone together for a terrific time. We’ve got lots of great outdoor activities to enjoy the spring weather: like BBQ picnics, cricket games, laser tag, and nature walks.  

Alongside day trips we’ve organised games, art activities, and movie sessions at our centres to get everyone involved. There’s always plenty of fun, exciting activities to choose from. 

We pride ourselves on taking a flexible approach to all our supports. We know things can change last minute, which is why our support team are ready to accommodate as much as possible.  

Program details 

Date and time:  
Monday to Friday 28th September – 9th October, 9am to 3pm 

Please note that there will be no service on Monday 28th September due to it being a public holiday. 

Perth: Workpower, Unit 3/1468 Albany Hwy, Cannington 
Mandurah: Singleton Community Centre, 24 Cavender St, Singleton 

Registration: Book before 15th September to secure your spot! 
Perth: Sara Cuevas  |  0407 443 731 
Mandurah: Melanie Cartmell  |  0420 300 274 

Download flyers: Perth September 2020  |  Mandurah September 2020 

Join today! 

The School Holiday Program always flies by and for many it’s the highlight of each season. Every program we receive great feedback from families which we use to further improve our future supports.  

Want to try it yourself, or know someone who would love this? Then get in touch with our SHP team today! Contact either Sara at 0407 443 731 or Melanie at 0420 300 274 for more info.