12 Oct
Celebrating beautiful art from our Intro to Sculpture workshop!

Celebrating beautiful art from our Intro to Sculpture workshop!

Early last month we finished our successful five-week Introduction to Sculpture program, with the students from WCSESC exhibiting the incredible artworks they created! We talk to artist and Program Development Manager Bithika Kastha, who led this new program.

An exhibition to be proud of

To finish off this incredible new program, we held a small ceremony to celebrate each student’s success at the Stirling Leisure Centre.

We set up a wonderful display of their unique artworks in the corner – aren’t they just beautiful? Each student completed at least two pieces of artwork using the various papier-mâché and clay they learned. They made delicate clay bowls, decorated masks, and created abstract fruit sculptures!

The families, carers, and support team of the students were invited to join them on this special occasion. Each student was beyond thrilled to see their handiwork on display!

During the ceremony I invited each student up to the front of the room to receive their Certificate of Achievement. I shared with the others their personal achievements from the workshops, and I could tell just how proud they were of their work.

Supporting a creative environment

The workshops were a huge success, and each student had the opportunity to focus on developing their skills at their own pace.

This was made possible with the help of the West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre’s support team.

I also made sure that the lesson plans suited the student’s needs. Workshops were kept flexible and adapted to the circumstances, and I collected feedback regularly from students and staff. This helped me to guide the students towards the activities they were most interested in, and grow their natural talents.

Following morning tea, each student took home their prized artworks to show their family and friends. Congratulations to you all for your beautiful sculptures!

Thank you to WCSESC for this wonderful opportunity. After such positive results from this program and our Performing Arts workshop, we’re keen to expand our supports to more schools and community groups.

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