13 Jan
Celebrating the people of Workpower

Celebrating the people of Workpower

Each year we work hard to expand the opportunities we provide people with disability across WA. However our growth would not be possible without the passionate commitment from our people. 

Our values are what drive everything at Workpower, and so it’s important for us to recognise those who best exhibit these traits.  

At the end of last year we held a Values Award ceremony for staff across all our divisions, which was held at our Parkland office on the 6th December. Prior to this, staff were asked to nominate others for each of our values and finalists were chosen by our judging panel. We were delighted to have friends and family members join us to celebrate and congratulate our 2019-20 Value Award winners.  

Here are our worthy finalists and winners, along with the value they represent. You can also catch some highlights from the night here:


Positive outcomes for people with disability. 

This value had two categories: 

Outcomes – Employment 

  • Andy Shaw, Axel Carrington, David Cornish, Kristina Hagge, Lisa Driehuis, Melody Martino; People Services   
  • Rachelle Valli; People Services   
  • WINNER Jan Cartmell; Customer Engagement 

Outcomes – Community    

  • Joanie Fitzgibbon; People Services 
  • Alex Growden; Environmental Services 
  • Jude Wilson; People Services 
  • WINNER Felicia Mitchell; People Services 

Business Success 

Commitment to business success. 

WINNER Balcatta Recycling Shop 


Collaborative working relationships. 

  • Callum O’Connor, Renee Brewell; People Services   
  • Shaun Cronin, Ted Vernede; Balcatta Recycling Shop   
  • Hannah Elliott; Corporate Services   
  • WINNER Andy Shaw; Customer Engagement 
CEO Lee Broomhall (left) stands with winner Andy Shaw (centre) and previous winner Lauren Grimshaw (left).


Quality work performance.   

  • Eoin McConnon; People Services   
  • Marika Andreou; People Services  
  • WINNER Kevin O’Leary; Environmental Services   


Professional conduct and integrity. 

  • Bithika Kastha; Customer Engagement   
  • Linda Macleod; People Services   
  • WINNER Marika Andreou; People Services 


Leadership at all levels. 

  • Alex Growden; Environmental Services   
  • Sara Cuevas; People Services   
  • WINNER Carolyn Woodmansey, Fiona Abrahams, Marika Andreou; Wholesale Nursery 

Safety and Wellbeing 

A safe and healthy workplace. 


Environmental sustainability. 

  • Beth Stone; People Services   
  • Rebecca Thompson; Corporate Services   
  • WINNER Environmental Services (featured at top)

Heart & Soul 

A person who personifies one or more of our values, and shows incredible commitment to creating opportunities for people with disability, their families, and carers. 

Eoin McConnon; People Services 

Lee (left) and Eoin McConnon (right) celebrate his achievement.

Congratulations to our finalists and winners, and thank you for your dedication and support! 

If you would like to know more about the opportunities we provide people with disability, then get in touch with us today at 1800 610 665 or on email.