17 Nov
Celebrating Workpower at the 2020 AGM

Celebrating Workpower at the 2020 AGM

Workpower Directors, members, staff, and stakeholders joined us on the 26th October to acknowledge Workpower’s journey through the financial year of 2019 – 2020.

The meeting was held at Bendat Parent and Community Centre at Telethon Speech & Hearing with over 30 guests joining us for the special occasion. 

Chairperson’s address 

Deputy Chairman Mark Fitzpatrick presented the Chairperson’s address on behalf of Chairperson Melanie Cave.  

He recognised the leadership, determination, and commitment witnessed in his fellow Board members, Ms Broomhall, and the Executive team, and staff in weathering the impact of COVID-19. Mr Fitzpatrick thanked them all for their hard work over a challenging year.  

In addition, he introduced the new Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025: An Optimistic Future and our new focus for the next five years. 

See a snapshot of our new plan here.

Highlights from the CEO’s address 

Chief Executive Officer Lee Broomhall presented results from the organisation that were reflected in the audited financial statements and 2020 Annual Report to our guests. 

In her address she provided some highlights from the last financial year which also marked the end of our Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020. 

In 2019 – 2020 we achieved: 

Ms Broomhall gave some fascinating statistics to help us visualise this figure. In the last financial year alone, amongst other things, Workpower: 

  • Sorted through 600,000 batteries to prevent waste fires 
  • Recycled and resold 110 tons of household goods; 21 tons of electrical appliances; 38 tons of outdoor furniture; 9 tons of camping and sporting equipment, and 147 tons of landscape and construction materials 
  • Delivered desks and chairs to 2,700 students across 135 schools 
  • Packed 2.5 million syringes for harm reduction packs  
  • Made over 425,000 flags and pin markers for the mining industry 
  • Mowed and maintained over 4 million square metres of land from Dawesville to Yanchep 

Over the last 12 months Workpower supported 914 people in employment and the community. This translated to: 

  • Over 12,000 hours of indirect support delivered 
  • 616 tailored plans developed 
  • 1848 customer goals achieved 

This is an outstanding result given such a disruptive year. Ms Broomhall finished by expressing her confidence in Workpower’s ability to continue creating opportunities, building capabilities, and delivering memorable experiences for the people of WA who choose Workpower’s services.  

See the full Annual Report 2020 here.

Welcome to our new Board 

Mr Fitzpatrick warmly introduced and welcomed our two new Board members, Linda Dawson and Garth Walter to Workpower. Guests then enjoyed some light refreshments at the close of the meeting.  

Thank you to those who joined us on the night – we appreciate your ongoing support of Workpower and the work we do supporting people with disability.