25 May
Changes to your NDIS supports

Changes to your NDIS supports

To ensure people with disability continuing receiving supports they need, the NDIS has introduced a number of changes to help you manage and use your funds.  

Here are some of the key details you need to know. 

Plan flexibility 

To ensure that all participants continue receiving the supports they need during this period, your funding budgets can now be used flexibly across all your supports.  

This means you can use your Core funding for other things like assistive technology, transport, and accommodation. If you already receive transport support then this does not apply.  

At the moment this applies for Plan and NDIA-managed plans, but will be available to self-managed participants in June. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have enough funds in your Core budget for your supports, then you may be able to use your Capacity budget for this. Your Capital funding remains the same.  

Changes in support needs 

If your situation has changed and your funds are no longer enough to cover you, then you should contact the NDIS. They will then conduct a circumstances plan review and adjust your current funding and supports to match your needs. 

Extensions and reviews 

If your plan is due for a review the NDIS will contact you and discuss what you’d like to do. If you are happy with your current supports then it will automatically extended for another 12 months from the end date.  

This means your existing supports and services remain the same until your plan is reviewed. Any leftover funding will be added to this extended plan, except for Capital funding. 

If you want to change your plan then the NDIS will conduct a review on the phone or email. You will also be offered an option to extend your plan for another 24 months.  

This helps ensure that you keep receiving the ongoing supports you need. 

Price limit increases 

This 10% increase is designed for participants who need additional assistance or have low funds remaining. It doesn’t automatically apply to all participants and you need to request to have this added to your plan. 

Easier plan management 

To avoid delays, the NDIS now allows you to change and edit active Service Bookings. These changes will have an immediate effect on your supports. 

Here are previous changes introduced by the NDIS. 

Need more support? 

We understand that everyone has different needs. If you’re receiving support from us and would like help in adjusting your plan then get in touch with us today. 

You can also refer to our NDIS resources for further information.