24 Jun
Choose to refuse this Plastic Free July

Choose to refuse this Plastic Free July

Have you heard of the Plastic Free July challenge? It’s a WA initiative to reduce plastic usage which has grown into a global movement in over 177 countries. 

At the Balcatta Recycling Shop we’ve waged war against waste and plastic since we took over management several years ago. This July is the perfect chance to rethink and change the way we use plastic everyday. 

You can choose a challenge that suits you and make small changes towards your goal. By the end of the month, you may find you can adopt these habits in the long-term!   

Along with #choosetorefuse, you can also make a huge impact by following our revised version of the #reducereuserecycle mantra: 

The 4 Rs to sustainability 

1) Refuse

Set yourself a challenge and say no to plastics for the month (or longer). You can choose to go completely plastic free or focus on a type or product, like avoiding plastic packaging when shopping.  

By refusing from the start you’re avoiding waste altogether. 

2) Reduce

If you’re struggling to go zero plastic then the next step is to reduce your usage. Every little bit counts, so look at different areas in your life where you can make a switch – like bringing your own container for leftovers after a restaurant meal. 

3) Reuse 

The great thing about not using single-use plastics is that you can reuse your items again and again. And what better way to reduce your impact than to swap plastic products for secondhand items?  

Reusing is a great way to stop producing waste as a result of making new products. Check out our huge range of items in store and see what you can reuse. 

4) Recycle 

Once you’ve said no to plastic and switched to alternative products, it’s time to start afresh. You can recycle all these with us for free: 

  • Unwanted plastic household and garden items in good condition 
  • Soft plastics (clear and not white or colored) including bags, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap  
  • Plastic containers like milk cartons and clear drinking bottles 
  • Hard polystyrene packaging (with sticky tape removed) 

Plus we take glass, metal, cardboard, and lots more: see the full list here

Ready to go 

Let’s #refusereducereuserecycle! 

Day 1 starts next Monday, but don’t worry if you’re not ready yet. We’ll share lots of handy tips, ideas, and local recommendations to get you through. Keep an eye on our websiteFacebook, and Instagram

Contact us at (08) 9445 6591 or through email for more.