20 Feb
Choose your own employment adventure

Choose your own employment adventure

Everyone’s journey to employment is different. We understand that your pathway to the career you want might not be straightforward. You might change your mind and decide to pursue a new direction.

Our employment supports are with you the whole way, regardless of what you decide. We take a holistic, lifelong approach and our supports are diverse and flexible to help you meet your personal goals.

If you’re interested in employment here’s some key information about the two main supports we offer.

Supported Employment

Employees are supported to work within one of our six social enterprises across the state. Each site has a dedicated support team that help employees excel at their job.

Our businesses operate across a wide range of industries. You could be preparing catering orders in the kitchen, gardening on site, or completing data entry tasks.

Supported employment gives workers a platform to develop new skills and receive training. For some, they can use the experience to transition into open employment or other employment streams.

Customised Employment

This approach focuses on your interests, strengths, and support needs. First, we work with you to determine your goals and aspirations. After that we help tailor job roles or create self-employment opportunities that suit you.

This could include making regular visits to a local shop, doing work experience, or even starting your own micro-enterprise!

Choose your own way

Our services are customised to you, which means you could receive a combination of employment supports towards your goals.

This could include:

  • Work experience
  • One-on-one support for skill development
  • Supported employment placements
  • Volunteering

For example, we recently helped Tegan get a position at our Packaging & Warehousing site in Malaga. We got to know her interests and goals and helped her develop a plan. At the same time, Tegan started work at her local retail store and is looking to expand her hours there.

Start your employment journey today. Email us here or call 1800 610 665 to express your interest.

Here’s more on our employment supports, Customised Employment, and Supported Employment programs. Stay tuned for upcoming employment stories!